Content Creation

Content is one of those marketing terms that isn’t all that well-understood. Many people have heard the terms ‘Content Marketing’ or ‘Content is King’ but couldn’t actually explain them in any detail. Fortunately, at Busy Lizzie we have a background in marketing, so understand them all perfectly and know exactly how content can help your business to grow. 

These days, your customers are better informed than ever before, with access to a huge range of information every hour of the day and night. Often, a relationship with a business is formed well before any purchasing decisions are made and customers will tend to buy from the businesses which have educated them and helped them to come to a conclusion. 

The content that your business creates is crucial to your credibility within your market place. When used in the right way, it can help you reach more of your target audience and effectively engage with them. They will be far more likely to buy from you as a result of interacting with your content.

We can create the following types of content:

Creative blogs

Organic social media posts and articles

News articles

Website landing pages

We offer different service packages to meet the needs of businesses at different stages in their growth. With three available in addition to a bespoke service, there will be something to suit you.

Why choose Busy Lizzie to create your content?

Our years of marketing experience, excellent copywriting and creative skills enable us to produce high quality content for our clients across all channels. We’ll work with you to understand your style and what you want to achieve from your content and marketing in general to help you meet your objectives. 

Based in Lytham on the Lancashire coast, we’re local to you, which facilitates a great working relationship as we can easily meet and catch up at your convenience. By working in partnership with you, we’ll forge a lasting relationship that means we pitch you and your products or services in just the right way. 

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