At Busy Lizzie, we are passionate about copywriting and love to do it for our clients. But do you really understand what ‘copywriting’ is? Copywriting is basically the production of text. Words. It is called ‘copy’ thanks to the bygone print era, where the words for a newspaper were physically copied onto paper before they went into circulation. Nowadays, it just means anything your business needs writing. 

You often need more words than you realise and if it isn’t something you are comfortable doing yourself, or simply don’t have time to, you need some help in getting it done. Hold ups in your marketing, admin and business growth can all occur if you don’t manage to complete your copywriting in a timely or effective manner, so why not outsource it to us? 

At Busy Lizzie, we will look after all of your copywriting needs, no matter how large or small. We regularly deliver the following for our clients:

Website content

Brochure content

Newsletter content


Press releases

Adverts for any channel

Formal business proposals

Why choose Busy Lizzie for your copywriting?

The flexibility of working with an outsourced partner enables you to only pay for exactly what you need. We will enter into a partnership with you and will seek to understand your goals and how your business works. We’ll listen to the purpose of whatever it is you need writing and will tailor the copy not only to the tone you wish to deliver it in, but also to the audience with which you wish to engage. 

We have years of experience in professional writing and provide copywriting services locally in Lytham and all over the north west to businesses of all sizes. So if your business needs a helping hand to get its message across, get in touch with us today. 

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