Sometimes, you know exactly what you want to say but do you always know how to say it? Perhaps you do and you feel confident to write the words that your business needs to promote itself or inform customers of certain things. Even if you are confident in knowing what you want to say and how, are you sure you won’t make any errors?

Even the most advanced writers in the world make mistakes from time to time, and just like marking your own homework, it isn’t advisable for authors of any words to proofread their own content. That’s why we offer an outsourced proofreading service to clients, making it quick and easy to get a second pair of eyes on your copy.

Proofreading can cover anything from seeing difficult-to-spot typos, to correcting grammatical errors that your computer won’t pick up on, to restructuring documents into a more cohesive and congruent format. Whilst we know the whole point of your documents or marketing collateral is to get the information accurate, there is also a need to ensure it is well-written and clear for whoever is going to read it. And it’s very easy to appear unprofessional if your content is littered with errors, so don’t make that mistake!

Why choose Busy Lizzie to proofread your copy?

At Busy Lizzie, we are self-confessed grammar geeks and have an eye for detail to ensure we don’t miss anything. We love all things to do with the English language, so we’ll edit and amend everything so that it reads perfectly. We’ll take it as far as you want too, whether it be a straightforward review to remove any errors, or a more involved appraisal, where we suggest structural changes to improve the flow of the document. 

Based in Lytham, Lancashire, we are local and professional, and are flexible enough to help your business with any proofreading requirements.

If you want more in-depth help getting your words right, why not take a look at our Copywriting Services? We are highly experienced in professional copywriting, so will be well-placed to help you if you need a little more than just proofreading support. 

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