After four months of lockdown and homeschooling, are you now contemplating how you’re going to survive the school summer holiday and work juggle?!

Here are some of our top tips. We hope that they help!

Set expectations

We mean with everyone… yourself, your clients, your partner and your kids! 

Inform clients that your turnaround time on assignments and projects may be a little longer over the summer break. If you’re upfront with them and manage their expectations, you won’t feel under pressure to get everything done this minute, which will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

Sit your kids down and agree a routine of play/activities/work that is manageable for the whole family. If your children are old enough, explain to them that you’re going to need some help around the house and agree which chores they can pitch in with. Even if you have very small children, try and get them involved with small chores such as putting the washing on or a little dusting. Kids love to be helpful, so it’s a great way of keeping them busy but also getting some practical things ticked off your to-do list!

At the end of the day though, if the house ends up getting filthy and everyone is wearing clothes that smell a little dubious, is it really such a big deal? It’s not like we’re all having lots of visitors round at the moment anyway, so embrace it!

Work out when you’re most productive

Are you a lark or a night owl? If you’re an early bird, set your alarm for before the kids normally surface and try and get some work done when it’s quiet and you’re firing on all cylinders. If you’re the opposite, enjoy some quality time with your children during the day and then crack on when the house is quiet on an evening. Again, if your clients know when they expect deadlines completing, you can plan your days to deliver.

Get outside

Fresh air and looking at nature do wonders for everybody’s stress levels. Plan to get some exercise and fresh air every day. It’s also free and an easy way to social distance, so if the sun is shining, go exploring round your local area. You never know what you might discover!

Be kind to yourself

Try to avoid scrolling through everyone else’s Facebook and Instagram stories. Not only does it drain your energy but it’s likely to leave you feeling inadequate and like everyone else is having the mother of all summer holidays! We’ve all just been through a very challenging and stressful time, so go easy on yourself and do what’s right for you and your family.

Remember to build some self-care into your day. It doesn’t have to be a big bubbly bath every night (although that’s my favourite!), a few small things throughout the day can make a big difference. For example, taking some deep breaths and focusing on your breathing until you feel calm and grounded, a nice cup of coffee, ten minutes reading a magazine or a book, or a quick chat with a friend. It’s the small things like this, punctuating the day, that can help us avoid feeling frazzled by the end of it.

Good luck! You really have got this!

Lizzie x

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