Why social media marketing is a must for every small business

When you have a limited budget to spend on marketing your small business, it is important that you spend it wisely. Marketing through social media is versatile, simple, and cost effective… a no-brainer really! In this blog, we’ll outline the ways your business will benefit from social media marketing.

Your customers use social media

How many people can you name who don’t have at least one social media account? OK, your 85-year-old granny doesn’t but she’s in the minority! In a nutshell, your customers are on social media and most of them will be checking those platforms numerous times a day. They’re waiting for you out there and they’re open to engaging with brands they follow… go get ‘em, tiger!

It’s good to talk

Social media is a fun, easy way to connect and ‘talk’ to people and to get to know your audience. It allows you to show different sides to your brand, through light, conversational content where you can really show off your personality, humour and warmth. This enables you to make your brand more accessible and familiar to existing and new customers.

There are various ways that you can engage with different audiences on different platforms and tailor your messages. You could discuss issues or concerns on Twitter, host Q&As on Instagram stories or post funny graphics on Facebook to get dialogue going.

It’s cost effective

Is spending money on hard copy materials, like leaflets, worth the spend, when much of it is likely to end up in the recycling bin? The biggest cost with social media marketing is investing time in creating and publishing engaging content and having conversations with your customers… just a few hours a week can really deliver results. If you wanted to, you could also invest money in adverts to increase your reach. Social media is also a fantastic way to get more inbound traffic to your website, improving your opportunity to convert traffic into sales.

Become an industry leader

Your competitors are more than likely on social media, so they are already engaging with your customers and potential customers. Why not demonstrate your industry expertise and knowledge and set yourself apart from your competition? Becoming an expert in your sector improves trust and credibility with your customers. 

Encourage reviews and testimonials

Consumers love recommendations! Word of mouth marketing is a powerful tool for any small business. It’s free but goes a long way to building trust with new customers. We are more likely to buy from brands that have been recommended and it doesn’t have to be someone we know, we’re just as likely to trust an online review as a personal recommendation.

Stop, look, listen!

Take some time to strategically choose which channels you plan to invest your time and effort in to, in order to reach your target audiences.

Use analytics tools (for example on Facebook) to see which types of content are most popular and to see which marketing strategies have worked well and which ones need a little work!

By following keywords and trending topics in your sector, you can see who is taking part in conversations. This can provide your small business with a wealth of new lead opportunities and help you identify influencers in your field.

Are you interested in increasing your social media presence but struggling to find the time to devote to it? Let’s arrange to have a chat and see how we can help.


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